Saturday, December 15, 2007

My voter ID proposal.

Last year the Missouri Legislator passed a voter ID law. Unfortunately the law was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Missouri Weinschenk v. Missouri. I'm writing this blog to explain the difference between my proposal and the legislators'. The following is my proposal:
  1. All Missouri voter are required to show a picture ID. A picture ID includes a state ID, a school ID, a work ID, or a U. S. passport. The idea is to put the face with the name. 
  2. If the voter fails to show up with a picture ID, the vote could vote by affidavit. To vote by affidavit, a voter could use, a voter ID card or mail sent by the local election board, a utility bill or a financial statement, library card, or any information from school with the voter's name and address on it. Before the voter votes, the voter would be given a carbon-copy of the affidavit to take to the local board of election to get a free ID. This carbon-copy of the affidavit is all the voter would need to get a free ID. As long as the voter is registered, there is no need for a birth certificate. This would only apply to registered voters.
  3. Require identification to register to vote. I remember when this law passed, I was asking, "should we make sure the voter is eligible before showing up at the polls?" When I registered to vote at my local library when I turned 18, I had to show my library card, my insurance card, and raise my right hand and take an oath. Soliciting registration on the street should be banned. While there are a lot of well meaning people doing it, there are a lot of uninformed people doing it  as well. In 2004, American Coming Together turned in thousand of fraudulent voter registration cards. This happened because they were paying people to register and the people they employed needed money. Since the commission was per voter, some were willing to open a phone book and put a name down. 
  4. Another way I think we should allow registration is through checking a box. Just like one could check a box when you apply for your driver license, Missourians should be allowed to check a box on a high school graduation or GED application, or any documents you sign relation to College, apartment and housing, healthcare, or any dealing with the state agencies. For example, you apply for an apartment, you check that box so you new landlord will turn in you information to the local board of election. This provision would allow a high school student to check a box on the graduation application to register to vote. 
The legislation the Missouri legislators passed did not have provision 3 nor 4. Another differences are the solution if a voter does not have an ID. The legislation allowed people to vote provisionally. I believed voters should vote by affidavit to allow the vote to count on Election Day, not 2 weeks later. I believe if the Missouri Assembly pass my proposal, it would be upheld on appeal.  

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Win for Putin, Loss for Chavez

To day, Vladimir Putin's Party the United Russia won a victory in the parliamentary election (AP Barry). As I printed earlier, Putin is term limited. While he can run for two consecutive terms, he can be prime minister until he can run for president again. This election makes Putin as prime minister possible. 
In other news, Venezuelan voters voted down a referendum to do away with term limits (AP James). Chavez is term limited as well and had the referendum pass, he could remain president for life. Hopefully civil liberties and the freedom of the press can return when Chavez leaves. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pay attention to the up coming political elections

There is going to be an election for Prime Minister of Russia this coming May and Vladimir Putin would not be on the ballot because he is term limited. He served his two terms already. Now its time for someone new. So Russians has two choices; Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov or Chess Champ Garry Kasparov. Now lets keep in mind that Russian press and voters are do not enjoy the same freedoms as American press and voters. Although out the Putin administration, the press has been censored and anti-government protesters has continually has been arrested. Kasparov as been voicing his opposition to the Putin administration since retiring from chess in 2005. Kasparov supports civil libertis. Ivanov supports the continuation of the policies of the putin administration. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Decorated Officers Speak Out on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’

By Ebony Hairston

On Tuesday October 23rd, two former soldiers spoke about their experiences being gay and serving under the ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’ policy at Washington University.

One was the first American soldier to be injured in the Iraq war Eric Alva. He gained a lot of acclaim upon his return home and was visited by every one from Nancy Pelosi to the President. He then took the opportunity to come out and speak out about the unfairness of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

His efforts have brought a lot of awareness to the issue.

There is a bill called the Military Readiness Enhancement Act H.R. 1246 that works to make things fair.

My Vision

Air Force Maj. Margaret Witt was the 1993 poster recruitment child and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for saving a life Lesbian appeals DADT Ruling. Unfortunately, the Military could not overlook her sexual orientation in spite of her out standing service to her country. This is why the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy needs to be repealed. Not, only the policy is unconstitutional, but its hindering military readiness. According to the Human Rights Campaign, the policy is eliminating 800 specialists with critical skills and costing over $200 million hrc press release.
Please join me and supporting the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Tell congress to repeal/dont_ask_dont_tell

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bond endorses Rudy

Pay attention everybody, Rudy just received the endorsement of Kit Bond Story: Bond endorses Giuliani for president. Bond, who sits on the Senate Intelligence committee, emphasised on securty, “Since he was there to watch the twin towers fall, he knows that al-Qaida and the brand of terrorism that it brings is the greatest danger, the greatest threat to our country in the years to come." My fellow Republicans, lets joing Bond, Representative Jo Ann Emerson, Senator Norm Colman and me and supporting Rudy Giuliani for president. A Giuliani administration will provide the nation with a strong defense, small government and low taxes, and help get health insurance through tax incentives.
In other News, Pakistani President Musharraf declares a state of emergency Yahoo! News. Gen. Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan on Saturday, suspending the constitution, replacing the chief justice before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president, and cutting communications in the capital. Click on the Telegraph TV to view the news TV News Now - Telegraph TV

Monday, October 22, 2007

Polish election means good news for business.

Yesterday the was an election in Poland. Donald Tusk of the Civic Alliance Party beat Taroslaw Kaczynski of the Law and Justice Party for Prime minister Massive win for Polish opposition. Tusk Promised to Lower taxes, to build closer ties with the European Union, and a business friendly administration. As Christian Science Monitor Columnist Robert Marquand put it, “Sunday's vote decides whether Poland turns inward, chauvinist, and authoritarian under Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski – or flowers into a more open economy and civil society, as well as a closer partner to Europe More nationalism or closer ties to Europe? . While Tusk looks forward to working with the United States, he promised to pull 900 troops out of Iraq. Sunday’s election is similar to the election of Nicolas Sarkozy French voters split on working week.
Alain Bie, a 30-year-old, bartender explains why he voted for Sarkozy, “The owner told me that normally I was restricted to 35 hours a week, but I told him I wanted to be able to work more and make more money.” Sarkozy ran on a motto called, “Work more, earn more.” Tusk promised to lower taxes. It seems that voters are preaching one messages, “Smaller government and lower taxes!”

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gibbons Announces Candidacy for Attorney General

PRESS CONTACT: (573) 356-9616
Gibbons Announces Candidacy for Attorney General
Pledges to Protect Missouri families on Two Day, Nine City Kickoff Tour

ST. LOUIS -Senate President Pro Tern Michael R. Gibbons, R-Kirkwood, announced today he will run to be the next Attorney General for the people of Missouri in 2008. Gibbons, joined by his family, friends, and supporters made the first announcement from life-long hometown of Kirkwood followed by stops in Columbia, Kansas City and Springfield.
"All the people of Missouri deserve to be safe in their homes and neighborhoods, their children protected" he said from his front porch. "Protecting the people of Missouri, protecting our families and children, protecting our homes and neighborhoods, protecting our towns and farms, protecting our lives -that is my number one priority, and is the reason I am running for Attorney General."
Gibbons outlined five visions he had for better protecting Missouri families and bring real change to the office of Attorney General. Gibbons said as Attorney General he would:
• Protect Missouri families by working with law enforcement and local prosecutors to capture and convict criminals and put them behind bars.
• Make sure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on big government so they can be used to fund law enforcement.
• Enforce illegal immigration laws.
• Fight for consumer rights.
• Eliminate conflicts of interest and allow no corruption in his office.

"As Attorney General, there will not be a "For Sale" sign in my office," Gibbons said. "We will implement a better system, in those limited times when we need to hire outside attorneys, that is open and transparent and I will refuse to accept campaign contributions from anyone the office is investigating or prosecuting."
Paid for Missourians for Gibbons, Janet Poppen, Treasurer

Monday, October 8, 2007

SHIP/ What should and shoudn't be done

SCHIP, States Children’s Health Insurance Program, enacted in 1997 to provide health care to poor women and their mothers is now up for renewal. For years, President Bush was campaigning to expand the program; however, when the Democrat control congress passed HR 976 to expand SCHIP, President Bush vetoed it. Bush argued that HR 976 is too costly and would move the nation towards universal health care. The Republican Party is split on whether to support the president’s veto. On of the 18 Republican Senators who voted with the Democrat Senators is Christopher Kit Bond. HR 976 would increase tobacco taxes by 61 cents to pay for an additional 4 million children. See SCHIP Bill Includes Parity Provisions, HR976 summary and HR976-sec701. Senator Bond argue that the tax would hurt the poor. Kit Bond/PressRoom/SCHIP Another Problem with the tobacco tax is there is to contradicting goals. One goal is to decrease smoking, and the other goal. If the 61 cent tax increase would reduce smoking, good. But would about the additional 4 million children that the 61 cent tax increase is suppose to fund? You see how mathematical nonsense HR 976 is? HR976 should be rewritten to exclude the tobacco tax increase or extend the current SHIP to the summer of 2009. If extended to 2009, we’ll have a new congress and hopefully, a Republican majority.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, known as North America Union

So what was agreed to and was wasn’t. In March 23, 2005 President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Martin, and Mexico President Fox agreed on initiative of a tri-national effort to secure all three countries against terrorism, secure both borders, and enhance prosperity. Nothing is official yet but good ideas have developed out of the talks.
One idea I like is to fight against internet threats. Recognizing that citizens in all three countries use the internet for commerce, want to work together to protect customers from spyware and illegal spam. I also support a shared watch list on terrorism and information sharing. For more information, go to my Security and Prosperity site on the side of my blog.
/news/releases/Security and Prosperity

Friday, September 28, 2007

Watch out for the Liberal Rumor!!!

Recently the Liberals are starting a new Rumor about Rush Limbaugh. According to the new rumor, Rush Limbaugh called soldiers who did agree with him "Phony Soldiers". The Truth is he was calling an individual who was pretending to be a soldier one. This is What He said “The morning update on Wednesday dealt with a soldier, a fake, phony soldier by the name of Jesse MacBeth who never served in Iraq; he was never an Army Ranger. He was drummed out of the military in 44 days. He had his day in court; he never got the Purple Heart as he claimed, and he described all these war atrocities. He became a hero to the anti-war left. They love phony soldiers, and they prop 'em up. When it is demonstrated that they have been lying about things, then they just forget about it. There's no retraction; there's no apology; there's no, "Uh-oh, sorry." After doing that morning update on Wednesday, I got a phone call yesterday from somebody, we were talking about the troops, and this gentleman said something which you'll hear here in just a second, prompting me to reply "yeah, the phony soldiers." The Anatomy of a Smear: "Phony Soldiers" Is a Phony Story

You can view this at

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ahmadinejad is a goner!!

Mahmoud President Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, Holocaust denier, and Anti-American Conservative have been challenging Israel, United States, and the West since he was elected in 2005. United States accuse Iran of secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons and helping Shiite militias in Iraq that target U.S. troops. Iran denies the claims and claims that Iran is seeking materials to develop a nuclear generator for electricity. Just before leaving for New York, Ahmadinejad had the Iran army parade down the street with Missile that read, “Down with the U.S.” Iran President Ahmadinejad rips U.S. - Yahoo! News U.S officials have promoted using economic sanctions to make to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Some advocate Invading Iran.
I advocate waiting it out. Everybody is not happy with President Ahmadinejad. He has not campaign promises The mirage: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's election campaign made all kinds of promises to the poor. So do they think he is delivering? Ali Moazzami visits the deprived districts of south Tehran New Internationalist - Find Articles.
The poor is not satisfied wit him What do people in poorer districts think of Ahmadinejad? Ali Moazzami finds out. March 2007 New Internationalist
Iran has rationed gas, which resulted in a protests Protesters torch Iran gas stations - Last year while the Democrats won control of congress, Ahmadinejad’s political opponents won control of the Assembly of Experts, a body of 86 senior clerics that monitors Iran’s supreme leader and chooses his successor. Ahmadinejad opponents lead in polls - Focus on Iran - His term is up in 2009.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Electric companies plan to build more Nuclear Power Plants

Entergy Corp., Dominion Resources Inc., Exelon Corp. and the Tennessee Valley Authority are expected to be among the first to seek regulatory approval to build new plants after the nuclear industry was nearly wiped out decades ago.

As the debate over global warming grows and the demand for electricity increase, electric companies plan to build more nuclear power plants. By building more nuclear power plants, electric companies can generate electricity without contributing to the green house gases. Read more at Plans move forward for new nuclear plants - Oil & Energy -

Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraeus says draw down

Ge n. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker speak before they testify at a joint committee hearing on Capitol Hill.

Now General Petraeus has recommended a troop reduction to pre-surge by the summer of next year Petraeus recommendation Petraeus chart. This is based on the fact that the surge is meeting the military objective; however, as he reported, the success is uneven. He said that there has been a reduction of suicide and car bombing from 175 in March to 90 in August. There have been 140 new Iraqi forces with 95% of them taking the lead. He also said that the reduction can continue but he wanted to wait until then. Now it’s time for both Democrats and Republicans to come to gather, say the course, and watch how the Iraqis stand up as Coalition troops stand down.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Alternative tax or alternative confusion?

Yesterday Leonard Burman of the Tax Policy Center testified before the House Ways and Means Committee about Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The AMT is a provision in the Tax Code that disallows deductions and exemptions after you reach a certain income. It was enacted in 1969 when people complained to congress that 155 of the wealthy were taking advantages of the exemption and deductions to avoid paying taxes (History of Alternative_minimum_tax: click here). The problem is that the AMT was never adjusted for inflation. Burman explain to congress that a lot of tax payers, middle class tax payers, find themselves liable for the AMT Burman's statement He warns that unless something is done, more tax payers would find themselves liable to the IRS in spite of the Bush tax cutes. He advocated replacing the AMT with a surtax that would only apply to the wealthy Surtax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
I have a better idea, flat tax. I believe we should remove the DOUs (deduction of understanding) and AMCs (Alternative Minimum Confusion) and ask people to pay 5% of earnings. One exemption, people with monthly earnings of $2,240 or less. People who are in this income range are high school and college students, seniors working at Mc Donald’s, and other people who are going month to month trying to get by. These people should be allowed to keep their money.
As for the rest of us, all we have to do is have 5% deducted from our earnings. I believe filing should be optional. We shouldn’t have to tell the government about the money we give them. And I believe that 5% would be enough to fund the government, we should make cutes to some programs and privatization to others. The less we spend to the federal government, the more we have to pay to the state government, and charities.
In other news, the U.S. Supreme Court would take up the D.C gun ban case D.C gun ban case Lets see if the Roberts Court rule the 2nd amendment protect individual rights. Petraeus told the Boston that he would recommend troop reduction starting next spring Petraeus interview The recommendation is based on the progress in Iraq. Did I say progress? Well, yes!!! If Democrat leadership and the antiwar left give the surge a chance, there would be a gradual withdraw of U.S. troops as Iraqi troops stand up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

54 % says give the surge a chance!!!

When asked, “Given that 8 out of 18 bench marks are met, what should America do?,” 54% responded give the surge a chance, 36% says set a time to withdraw, 18% wants partition, and 9% wants other. Gen. David Petraeus is expected to give his progress report next month. Following his report, there will be another we poll.
The surge has reduce the violence in Bagdad, but the violence spreaded to other parts the country
surge result A treaty Between Iraq and Syria could bring the violence could be going down in other parts of the country as well Iraq's/Syrian border pact Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and their Syrian counterparts signed an agreement last Tuesday to bolster security along the border, which US military officials say is the crossing point for most of the foreign fighters in Iraq. Now let’s see if Maliki can make the same deal with Iran. If he can, the surge in Bagdad, along with both border pacts, could bring down the violence in Iraq.
This military solution could buy time for political solution. Please join me in showing support for President Maliki, our troops, our allies, and our mission to reduce the violence in Iraq and providing peace in the Middle East.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cold War all over again?

I have some news that might concern you; Russia is rebuilding her military strength. Russia seek to reclaim USSR military power Russia is working with China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. These nations make up the six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), often referred as the club of dictators. So what does this mean? We still are going to fight the war against terrorism. Does this mean we are head to another cold war? Does Putin need to be reminded what happened last time during the last Cold War?
What all the member nations of the SCO needs to do is to work with the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nations in the fight against terrorism and support free trade and democracies so we can have peace in Central Asia and around the world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

YR Day

Today was fun, except for the fact the my tire went flat. Jetton anounce his support for Mitt Romney. After talking about the accomplishments of the Republican legislator, he explained the Romney is leading in the polls in Iowa. However; David Stokes, 2006-2007 National Committeeman, Anounced his support for Rudy. Good Choice. Rudy was a U.S. Prosecutor, a successful mayor, and a 9/11 hero.
We went to the base ball game after the convention here are some pictures I took from the game.

We had fun the Cards won!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Obama is going to take us to World War III

"Let me make this clear," Obama said. "There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al-Qaida leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf will not act, we will." Obama's stupid speech Ooooo, tough talk, but very unpresidential. In fact, it sounds like something that you’ll read from a campus news paper than a presidential candidate. Does Obama-Clown know that Afghanistan is a landlocked country and we have to flay of over Pakistan to get to Afghanistan? I bet he doesn’t even know where the county is.
Look at the map and learn about the region. You Afghanistan and Pakistan to the south. We can get to Pakistan by sea, but we have to fly over Pakistan to Afghanistan. Pakistani President Musharraf is allowing us fly over his country over the objections of his own people.
Now lets see what would happen if we attack Pakistan. First, Pakistan would fight back. So now we have to fly our troop over Pakistani’s rockets to get to Afghanistan. Since Pakistan is shooting at us, we shoot at Pakistan. Second, seeing this, India will side with us. India has been at odds at Pakistan over the region of Kashmir, so if India wins a war against Pakistan, India takes Pakistan. Third, Iran will side with Pakistan. Fourth, Israel bomb Iran. Israel, Pakistan, India, and the United States have nukes. Whether Iran have them or not, this would be the start of Nuclear War/World War III. Fortunately, there are other candidates in the Democrat Primary Democrats can choose from. No Republican in the Republican Primary is this stupid.

Here we go again, another school pray law suit

In 2003, Texas passed a law mandating a moment of silence to honor the American and Texas flag. Texas Parents Sue Governor The Croft family sues claiming the law is mandated school pray. This family has a history of complaints against religious-affiliated words and images in schools, having previously complained about Boy Scout rallies held during school, fliers sent home about Good News Bible Club meetings and the inclusion of "Silent Night" and a Hanukkah song in holiday concerts, according to report.
Since we are in the Suing spirit, what about a law suit against political opinions. For example, suing to keep politicians from speaking at graduations where students attend to celebrate a completion of degrees not to listen to political opinion. How about the liberal bias in our schools. I’m not just talking about at the college level; I’m talking about at the elementary and secondary education as well. I remember listening to Maxine Waters’s speech at my GED graduation. Her speech was nice except for the part when she criticized John Ashcroft. I voted for Ashcroft and no one heard my rebuttal. I feel if it is okay for someone to sue base on religious objection, it’s okay to sue for political objection.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lobby Reform/Constitutional Question.

A bill that mandated full disclosure of earmarks passed in the U.S. House today. Its called the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. Shall this bill become law, hopefully there would be less government waste. Here are a few highlights of the Bill
Congress's proposed lobby and ethics reform
• Requires that all member-directed spending, or earmarks, be identified on the Internet at least 48 hours before a vote, in a searchable form "if feasible."
• Bans gifts to members of Congress and staff from lobbyists and their clients, including free meals and tickets to events.
• Strips pensions and other retirement benefits from lawmakers convicted of bribery, perjury, or similar crimes.

For more information visit this link

Also, Congress passed H.R.3093. In this bill, funding would be suspended needed to enforce the 11 to 12 prison sentence of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. This bill attempts to do what President Bush is suppose to do, pardon them. While I support the bill's intentions, the bill is unconstitutional. America pay attention, this is what happens when we have a president that refuse to enforce the law and protect the boarder.
For more information visit this link

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good News in Iraq

There's Good news in Iraq,
Iraq's soccer team won the Asian Cup after beating Saudia Arabia.
Read more

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


July 20th, 2007
The Missouri Supreme Court on July 19 unanimously struck down a state law allowing unlimited campaign contributions and other changes to our campaign finance laws. This decision means that the state’s campaign contributions limits and laws are now similar to those during the 2006 election cycle. It is imperative that Missouri Republicans stay within the court-ordered campaign contribution limits and abide by the rules in place during 2006. The Supreme Court has not ruled on whether contributions already made will have to be returned. We will keep you updated as the issue develops. To read the Supreme Court opinion, go to:
If you have questions regarding how this decision impacts your committee, candidates or organization, do not hesitate to call Emily Kliethermes at 573-636-316 or email her at
UPDATE: Click here to read the advisory statement from the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 out of 18 Iraqi benchmarks

According to the President's July 12Th Assessment Report, Iraqi government and security force have met 8 out of 18 Benchmarks. Of the 8 that have been met
  • Form a constitutional review committee and complete review
  • Enact and implement legislation on procedures to form semi-autonomous regions
  • Support Baghdad Security by establishing political, economic and media security
  • Provide 3 trained and independent Iraqi brigades
  • Make sure that Baghdad security does not help terrorist or insurgents
  • Establish a plan for joint security stations
  • Protect minority rights
  • Allocate $10 billion for reconstruction

Of the ones not met

  • enact de-ba'athifications legislations
  • enact legislations that would ensure equal distribution of hydrocarbon
  • form election commission- mixed result
  • enact amnesty legislation
  • enact strong disarmament legislation
  • give Iraqi commanders the authority to make decision without interference
  • make sure the Iraqi security force is enforcing the law
  • reduce the level of violence
  • Increase the number of independant security forces
  • insure government official aren't undermind

You could read the full report at

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buchanan Sees a Hillary Make-over

By Ebony Hairston Bay Buchanan

Bay Buchanan-Former Treasurer of the United States-CNN Commentator, Author of The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Clinton had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Manchester. A small crowd accompanied by robust spirits was at the book signing..
She began by outlining the basis for her book. She started of looking at Sen. Clinton’s reputation as a moderate. This she feels is a myth. She sighted many examples of why she felt Hillary Clinton is not a moderate and is not cut out to be President of the United States. She also spoke of the research process she went through.
She noted that her sources were taken from both the left and the right. She said she felt Sen. Clinton was dishonest and sighted some examples that were personal in nature. She took issue with Clinton’s Senate record. She accused her of not standing up for her points of view and flip-flopping. There was a question and answer session at the end of the talk. The question one heard on more than one occasion was who could beat Hillary. After some back and forth she gave several answers. Her picks range from Mitt Romney, who she said could raise the money to Fred Thompson. Soon she was ready to leave traveling all over for a world wind book tour.

Down with the N-word

I hope this is the start of a new trend. Recently the NAACP held a funeral for the N-word. The NAACP is trying to get rappers, black stars, and every day back people to stop using the word. As a black man, I never used the N-word and I can't understand how other black men or women could find justification in using this word.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Interview with Sherman Parker

By Ebony Hairston
June 23, 2007

An Interview With:

Sherman Parker-Former State Representative, and founder of an African American Republican Group

How did you get interested in politics?

SP: I grew up around politics. The news was always on in my house. I loved current affairs. I never ran for any office in high school or college.
In high school I went to Boy State and met Bob Holden and Vince Shamel.
I caught the political bug.

How did you get your start?
SP: My first job ever was for the City of St. Louis City Hall. I got to sit in on aldermanic meetings and got to meet the alderman and the mayor. The only thing was, I was a Republican and I knew they were all democrats.

So, next I did an internship with Senator Kit Bond in college. I was going to the University of Vermont which is very progressive. I made lifelong friends there and pledged Delta PSI. Then I worked for Katherine Hanaway...

You are a Republican and you believe more African Americans should be Republicans. What does the Republican Party have to offer African American people?

SP: I believe that there needs to be a balance, and that African Americans need to be represented in both parties so our voices are heard no matter who is in power.

I believe that Republicans have something to offer African Americans in terms of educational reform, and economic development. For example, for subsidies that help people renovate buildings and start small businesses.

One issue that you seem to be concerned about is domestic violence, what got you interested in this issue? Do you have a plan to combat domestic violence and can you give me some details on it?

Without going into too many details mine as in many families we had our own run in with domestic violence. I was contacted by a constituent who was involved in a domestic violence incident and the police came to break it up and let her husband leave with his firearms. If there is a drug bust and and the police see guns when they come to arrest people they take every thing but not with domestic violence. I wrote a bill to close the loophole that allows abusive spouses to keep their firearms when they are removed from a domestic dispute. I don’t think it will ever be passed in Missouri. There is more grand standing than problem solving.

Another issue you feel is important is health care. What is wrong with the U.S. health care system that needs fixing?

SP: It is too expensive; there are 46 million uninsured, and its not so high quality.

What do you think we should do about it?

SP: I like the Massachusetts plan. I think the states will be a testing ground. There are new things that Governor Matt Blunt is doing. I think we should cover the young

One popular issue is national security? Are we safer than we were at 9/11? What do you feel still needs to be done?

SP: We are safer than we were at 9/11, but we need to secure the borders, North and South. The Canadian border needs a great deal of work. We need a troop presence, border stops.

Do you plan to run for office again?

SP: Yes, I plan to run again.

What are some of your latest initiatives?

SP: An African American Republican group, Missouri Spectrum.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

to "Strip workers of their voting rights?!?!?"

Currently if employees want to Unionize, they would have to vote for it through a secret ballot supervised by the federal government. Democrats proposed to change the law to allow employees to vote but not allow secret ballot. This pill would take away the privacy that every voter has a right to, the right to vote in secret with out intimidation. Senator McConnell said it best,"Republicans will remind our constituents about the fact that Democrats proposed to strip workers of their voting rights." Yes we will. I have nothing against Unions. I believe in voting rights. Remember how the Democrats claim that voter ID laws would disenfranchise the poor and elderly? How could Democrats come up with this proposal. Does the Democrats consider Unions more important than voting rights?
The following is information about the bill I pulled up from the U.S. House website. It's a good thing we have enough Republicans in the Senate to filibuster this proposal.

H.R.800 Title: To amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Rep Miller, George [CA-7] (introduced 2/5/2007) Cosponsors (233) Related Bills: H.RES.203, S.1041 Latest Major Action: 6/25/2007 Senate floor actions. Status: Motion to proceed to measure considered in Senate. House Reports: 110-23
Jump to: Summary, Major Actions, All Actions, Titles, Cosponsors, Committees, Related Bill Details, Amendments
SUMMARY AS OF: 3/1/2007--Passed House amended. (There are 2 other summaries)
Employee Free Choice Act of 2007 - Amends the National Labor Relations Act to require the National Labor Relations Board to certify a bargaining representative without directing an election if a majority of the bargaining unit employees have authorized designation of the representative (card-check) and there is no other individual or labor organization currently certified or recognized as the exclusive representative of any of the employees in the unit.
Sets forth special procedural requirements for reaching an initial collective bargaining agreement following certification or recognition.
Revises enforcement requirements with respect to unfair labor practices during union organizing drives, particularly a preliminary investigation of an alleged unfair labor practice which may lead to proceedings for injunctive relief.
Requires that priority be given to a preliminary investigation of any charge that, while employees were seeking representation by a labor organization, or during the period after a labor organization was recognized as a representative until the first collective bargaining contract is entered into, an employer: (1) discharged or otherwise discriminated against an employee to encourage or discourage membership in the labor organization; (2) threatened to discharge or to otherwise discriminate against an employee in order to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of guaranteed self-organization or collective bargaining rights; or (3) engaged in any other related unfair labor practice that significantly interferes with, restrains, or coerces employees in the exercise of such guaranteed rights.
Adds to remedies for such violations: (1) back pay plus liquidated damages; and (2) additional civil penalties.
Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed by recorded vote: 241 - 185 (Roll no. 118).
the Roll Call

(Democrats in roman; Republicans in italic; Independents underlined) H R 800 RECORDED VOTE 1-Mar-2007 3:56 PM QUESTION: On Passage BILL TITLE: The Employee Free Choice Act




---- AYES 241 ---
AbercrombieAckermanAllenAltmireAndrewsArcuriBacaBairdBaldwinBarrowBeanBecerraBerkleyBermanBerryBishop (GA)Bishop (NY)BlumenauerBoswellBoucherBoyd (FL)Boyda (KS)Brady (PA)Braley (IA)Brown, CorrineButterfieldCappsCapuanoCardozaCarnahanCarneyCarsonCastorChandlerClarkeClayCleaverClyburnCohenConyersCooperCostaCostelloCourtneyCramerCrowleyCuellarCummingsDavis (AL)Davis (CA)Davis (IL)Davis, LincolnDeFazioDeGetteDelahuntDeLauroDicksDingellDoggettDonnellyDoyleEdwardsEllisonEllsworthEmanuelEngelEshooEtheridgeFarrFattahFergusonFilnerFossellaFrank (MA)GiffordsGillibrandGonzalezGordonGreen, AlGreen, GeneGrijalva
GutierrezHall (NY)HareHarmanHastings (FL)HersethHigginsHillHincheyHinojosaHironoHodesHoldenHoltHondaHooleyHoyerIsraelJackson (IL)Jackson-Lee (TX)Johnson (GA)Johnson, E. B.Jones (OH)KagenKanjorskiKapturKennedyKildeeKilpatrickKindKing (NY)Klein (FL)KucinichLampsonLangevinLantosLarsen (WA)Larson (CT)LaTouretteLeeLevinLewis (GA)LipinskiLoBiondoLoebsackLofgren, ZoeLoweyLynchMahoney (FL)MarkeyMarshallMathesonMatsuiMcCarthy (NY)McCollum (MN)McCotterMcDermottMcGovernMcHughMcIntyreMcNerneyMcNultyMeehanMeek (FL)Meeks (NY)MelanconMichaudMillender-McDonaldMiller (NC)Miller, GeorgeMitchellMollohanMoore (KS)Moore (WI)Moran (VA)Murphy (CT)Murphy, PatrickMurphy, TimMurthaNadlerNapolitano
Neal (MA)OberstarObeyOlverOrtizPallonePascrellPastorPaynePelosiPerlmutterPeterson (MN)PomeroyPrice (NC)RahallRangelReyesRodriguezRossRothmanRoybal-AllardRuppersbergerRushRyan (OH)SalazarSánchez, Linda T.Sanchez, LorettaSarbanesSaxtonSchakowskySchiffSchwartzScott (GA)Scott (VA)SerranoSestakShaysShea-PorterShermanShulerSiresSkeltonSlaughterSmith (NJ)Smith (WA)SnyderSolisSpaceSprattStarkStupakSuttonTannerTauscherThompson (CA)Thompson (MS)TierneyTownsUdall (CO)Udall (NM)Van HollenVelázquezViscloskyWalsh (NY)Walz (MN)Wasserman SchultzWatersWatsonWattWaxmanWeinerWelch (VT)WexlerWilson (OH)WoolseyWuWynnYarmuthYoung (AK)
---- NOES 185 ---
AderholtAkinAlexanderBachmannBachusBakerBarrett (SC)Bartlett (MD)Barton (TX)BiggertBilbrayBilirakisBishop (UT)BlackburnBluntBoehnerBonnerBonoBoozmanBorenBoustanyBrady (TX)Brown (SC)Brown-Waite, GinnyBuchananBurgessBurton (IN)BuyerCalvertCamp (MI)Campbell (CA)CannonCantorCapitoCarterCastleChabotCobleCole (OK)ConawayCrenshawCulbersonDavis (KY)Davis, DavidDavis, TomDeal (GA)DentDiaz-Balart, L.Diaz-Balart, M.DoolittleDrakeDreierDuncanEhlersEmersonEnglish (PA)EverettFallinFeeneyFlakeForbesFortenberry
FoxxFranks (AZ)FrelinghuysenGalleglyGarrett (NJ)GerlachGilchrestGillmorGingreyGohmertGoodeGoodlatteGrangerGravesHall (TX)HastertHayesHellerHensarlingHergerHobsonHoekstraHulshofHunterInglis (SC)IssaJindalJohnson (IL)Johnson, SamJones (NC)JordanKellerKing (IA)KingstonKirkKline (MN)KnollenbergKuhl (NY)LaHoodLambornLathamLewis (CA)Lewis (KY)LinderLucasLungren, Daniel E.MackManzulloMarchantMcCarthy (CA)McCaul (TX)McCreryMcHenryMcKeonMcMorris RodgersMicaMiller (FL)Miller (MI)Miller, GaryMoran (KS)MusgraveMyrick
NeugebauerNunesPaulPearcePencePeterson (PA)PetriPittsPlattsPorterPrice (GA)Pryce (OH)PutnamRadanovichRamstadRegulaRehbergReichertRenziReynoldsRogers (AL)Rogers (KY)Rogers (MI)RohrabacherRos-LehtinenRoskamRoyceRyan (WI)SaliSchmidtSensenbrennerSessionsShadeggShimkusShusterSimpsonSmith (NE)Smith (TX)SouderStearnsSullivanTancredoTaylorTerryThornberryTiahrtTiberiTurnerUptonWalbergWalden (OR)WampWeldon (FL)WellerWestmorelandWhitfieldWickerWilson (NM)Wilson (SC)WolfYoung (FL)
---- NOT VOTING 8 ---
CubinDavis, Jo AnnHastings (WA)
InsleeJeffersonMaloney (NY)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

fair background checks without infringing on 2nd Amendment

Yesterday the U.S. House passed a Bill sponsored by Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Normally I would oppose bills by McCarthy, but his bill is reasonable. As we heard, the shooter at VT shouldn't been about to acquire a firearm because he was court ordered to a hospital. Unfortunately, the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) didn't pick up this information. Under McCarthy's pill, the NICS would be able to do so. This bill has support of the NRA This bill moves to the Senate.,2933,282054,00.html

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is you state doing to fight terrorism.

To day I'm proud to say that my state treasurer, Sarah Steelman, is playing her role in the war against terror. She is cutting of state funds that is doing business with terror groups.

see link

Steelman's Terrorism-Free Investment Policy Spreading to Other StatesSunday, June 10, 2007, 6:04 PMBy Steve WalshAn anti-terrorism idea that State Treasurer Sarah Steelman (R-MO) started in Missouri is spreading throughout the country, and Steelman is doing her part to spread the word. It's an effort to cut off the billions of dollars currently invested in companies that are doing business with countries engaged in terrorist activities.Steelman's movement, which began in Missouri, has taken her to Capitol Hill in Washington where she has testified before a U.S. House committee. And, it's taking root in a number of states, including California, where the State Assembly recently voted to bar that state employees' retirement system and its state teacher retirement system from investing in companies involved with Iran. Steelman isn't surprised with the growing support for the idea.The U.S. State Department bars investment in terrorism-sponsoring countries like Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea - but Americans are still investing billions of dollars through international companies that are doing business with those countries. A lot of that money is in public pension funds, which prompted Steelman to create the first terrorism screening and divestment policy.
So you don't agree with their postion, and their gay, you out them?

As someone who advocate for equality for everyone regardless of you sexual orientation, I believe you send mixe messages to out someone because you disagree with them. To do so would mean, your political position is more important them someones privacy. Mike Rogers take pride in outing gays who he disagree with.

visit this link.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Is Washinton out of touch

Most American Believe we need to inforce the current immigration laws. So why don't we do it?

Lates Fox Presidential polls

Click on the link to view the latest Fox polls,2933,279014,00.html

Missile Defense, What do you think about Russia's Proposal?

United states proposed to place a missile defense system in Poland. Russia ubjected claiming that US was placing missiles aiming at them. Russia proposed placing a defense system in Azerbaijan


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