Sunday, February 6, 2011

How can simplify the tax code?

Is this simple enough? Over the years there has been different flat tax proposals. Steve Forbes promoted it when he ran for president. As you can see in the above example how much easier filling out that form than the regular 1040 form we fill out. As it appears in line 4, the is one exemption, poverty.
Another idea that is promoted promoted by groups like, replacing all taxes with a national consumption tax. Promoters are argue it would make things easier for everyone.
Here is what would make things easier, get rid of all the deductions and penalties except for the poverty exemption. While the fairtax seeks to make things easier, it could hurt people below the poverty line by increasing prices.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Obama, Democrats and their thin skin

During the 2008 presidential election we heard how Obama was going to unit us. Obama said he was going to listen to people who disagree with him as well as people who agree with him. Voters was so inspired that they elected him.
I, like other Republicans, was not sold. Out of the concerns I had about Obama, one concern I predict would come true has. I predicted that no one will be able to criticize Obama and the Democrats with out being called extreme, irrational and/or racist. Over the last two years everyone Tea Party participant was called everything from hater to racist. After the shooting in Arizona, Democrats blamed Palin, Glenn Beck and every out spoken conservative/ Tea Party participant for creating an environment filled with hate and racism.
I want to turn you attention to two videos to compare:

As you can see, both Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Steve Cohen used the term, "blood libel," but Cohen does not get as much attention for his use as Palin did for hers. What about Representative Weiner speech before the House floor last week

Why should Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party participants get blame for their rhetoric but not liberals and Democrats?
I say to my fellow Republicans, stand strong and don't be discouraged from expressing your self.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In what elections should noncitizens be allowed to vote?

In some cities across America, noncitizens are allowed to in local election. For example, noncitizens are allowed to vote in Chicago's municipal election. On November 2nd, voters in Portland, Maine and San Francisco, California would have the opportunity to decide whether on not they want to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections. San Francisco's ballot would a low noncitizens vote in the school board election if they have children in school.

When I was a student at UMSL, I ran for Student Senate with my Korean roommate. He was not a citizen of this country at the time but he was a student; therefore, he was allowed to vote in the campus' election just like any other student on campus. With that in mind, San Francisco might want to consider how they can allow all parents, wether or no they are citizens of this country, to vote in school board election without involving the local election board. They could set something up within the schools where all parents are eligible to vote.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I only lost the battle

I lost the Republican primary, but there is a lot to be grateful about. A lot of voters support my effort to legalize medical marijuana, support public transportation and oppose eminent domain abuse. I'm still involved in the causes. If you are interested, please join on future petitions drives, lobbing, and other efforts to change laws

The Missouri Citizens for Property Rights will be starting a petition drive in an effort to stop eminent domain abuse.
A city wide ballot initiative to decriminalize marijuana is going on now. The St. Louis area chapter of NORML have a facebook page. We are working on the website.
Join us because we would need your help.
Join Citizens for Modern Transit to support public transit.

I don't consider losing the Republican primary a lost, but an opportunity to take advantage of.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vote for me.

I'm diagnosed with autism and I attended the special needs school district when I was a child. So there are issues which I look at through a prism of one with a disability:

*I'm a strong supporter of public transportation. I supported Proposition A, the County's halve cent sales tax to restore and improve metro services. Furthermore, I support trolley systems and Bus Rapid Transit. Metro services are vitally important for people to get to work and go to school and can't drive.

*When I attended school my parents were involved and I benefited form their involvement. I don't think parental involvement is talked about enough. Without parental involvement, it's going to be hard to make improvements to the metropolitan schools. That being said, I support any educational alternative that will benefit a child in educational advancement.
I'm proud to announce that Citizens for Educational Freedom has me down as in favor of school choice for all parents. I believe all schools, public, private, and charter schools, should be held accountable.
When there is a shortfall in funding, I will support increase in funding. That is why I ask all city voters to vote yes on Prop. S, a school bond to improve the schools.

*While this issue is not exclusively effect people with disabilities, we are effected. I believe we need to make it easier for people to vote: this will include but not limited to making ballots in languages other than English, a voter ID law that does not disenfranchise voters and allowing people to voter absentee without requiring them to get a the absentee ballot notarized.

I invite you to the ADA 20 Anniversary at the History Museum is Forest Park. I will be there.

One more thing, I am the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who is on record in support of legalizing medical marijuana.
So Ask for a Republican Ballot and voter for Me on August 3rd.

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