Monday, October 13, 2008

Save jobs, save social security

In my August 24th post, explain why I'm running for congress. I explained that I'm want to increase the supply of energy we need today while encouraging renewable energy. Today I want to expand on that.
In my last post talked about policies effecting drivers when I advocated more drilling. Today I want to talk about people who use public transportation. A lot of people use public transportation because they can't afford a car or can't drive because of their disability. Cuts in public transportation could cause people to lose their jobs. I'm willing to support an increase in federal funding for public transportation to prevent cuts in public transportation. Another economic concern is social security.
It is time to start now to save social security from going bankrupt. I'm in support of allowing young workers to take their money and put in a private account, similar to and Individual Retirement Account (IRA). At the same time, we must protect low incomes seniors today. So any plan that allow private accounts must include funding for support low income seniors.
I'm a Moderate Republican. While I align my self with the party, I don't always agree with the party. I'm prochoice. I disagree with the party about women's choice, I'm hoping to find common ground in policies that prevent unplanned pregnancies in the first place. That is why I urge you to signed the put prevention first pledge.