Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 out of 18 Iraqi benchmarks

According to the President's July 12Th Assessment Report, Iraqi government and security force have met 8 out of 18 Benchmarks. Of the 8 that have been met
  • Form a constitutional review committee and complete review
  • Enact and implement legislation on procedures to form semi-autonomous regions
  • Support Baghdad Security by establishing political, economic and media security
  • Provide 3 trained and independent Iraqi brigades
  • Make sure that Baghdad security does not help terrorist or insurgents
  • Establish a plan for joint security stations
  • Protect minority rights
  • Allocate $10 billion for reconstruction

Of the ones not met

  • enact de-ba'athifications legislations
  • enact legislations that would ensure equal distribution of hydrocarbon
  • form election commission- mixed result
  • enact amnesty legislation
  • enact strong disarmament legislation
  • give Iraqi commanders the authority to make decision without interference
  • make sure the Iraqi security force is enforcing the law
  • reduce the level of violence
  • Increase the number of independant security forces
  • insure government official aren't undermind

You could read the full report at

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