Sunday, August 26, 2007

54 % says give the surge a chance!!!

When asked, “Given that 8 out of 18 bench marks are met, what should America do?,” 54% responded give the surge a chance, 36% says set a time to withdraw, 18% wants partition, and 9% wants other. Gen. David Petraeus is expected to give his progress report next month. Following his report, there will be another we poll.
The surge has reduce the violence in Bagdad, but the violence spreaded to other parts the country
surge result A treaty Between Iraq and Syria could bring the violence could be going down in other parts of the country as well Iraq's/Syrian border pact Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and their Syrian counterparts signed an agreement last Tuesday to bolster security along the border, which US military officials say is the crossing point for most of the foreign fighters in Iraq. Now let’s see if Maliki can make the same deal with Iran. If he can, the surge in Bagdad, along with both border pacts, could bring down the violence in Iraq.
This military solution could buy time for political solution. Please join me in showing support for President Maliki, our troops, our allies, and our mission to reduce the violence in Iraq and providing peace in the Middle East.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cold War all over again?

I have some news that might concern you; Russia is rebuilding her military strength. Russia seek to reclaim USSR military power Russia is working with China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. These nations make up the six-nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), often referred as the club of dictators. So what does this mean? We still are going to fight the war against terrorism. Does this mean we are head to another cold war? Does Putin need to be reminded what happened last time during the last Cold War?
What all the member nations of the SCO needs to do is to work with the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nations in the fight against terrorism and support free trade and democracies so we can have peace in Central Asia and around the world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

YR Day

Today was fun, except for the fact the my tire went flat. Jetton anounce his support for Mitt Romney. After talking about the accomplishments of the Republican legislator, he explained the Romney is leading in the polls in Iowa. However; David Stokes, 2006-2007 National Committeeman, Anounced his support for Rudy. Good Choice. Rudy was a U.S. Prosecutor, a successful mayor, and a 9/11 hero.
We went to the base ball game after the convention here are some pictures I took from the game.

We had fun the Cards won!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Obama is going to take us to World War III

"Let me make this clear," Obama said. "There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al-Qaida leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf will not act, we will." Obama's stupid speech Ooooo, tough talk, but very unpresidential. In fact, it sounds like something that you’ll read from a campus news paper than a presidential candidate. Does Obama-Clown know that Afghanistan is a landlocked country and we have to flay of over Pakistan to get to Afghanistan? I bet he doesn’t even know where the county is.
Look at the map and learn about the region. You Afghanistan and Pakistan to the south. We can get to Pakistan by sea, but we have to fly over Pakistan to Afghanistan. Pakistani President Musharraf is allowing us fly over his country over the objections of his own people.
Now lets see what would happen if we attack Pakistan. First, Pakistan would fight back. So now we have to fly our troop over Pakistani’s rockets to get to Afghanistan. Since Pakistan is shooting at us, we shoot at Pakistan. Second, seeing this, India will side with us. India has been at odds at Pakistan over the region of Kashmir, so if India wins a war against Pakistan, India takes Pakistan. Third, Iran will side with Pakistan. Fourth, Israel bomb Iran. Israel, Pakistan, India, and the United States have nukes. Whether Iran have them or not, this would be the start of Nuclear War/World War III. Fortunately, there are other candidates in the Democrat Primary Democrats can choose from. No Republican in the Republican Primary is this stupid.

Here we go again, another school pray law suit

In 2003, Texas passed a law mandating a moment of silence to honor the American and Texas flag. Texas Parents Sue Governor The Croft family sues claiming the law is mandated school pray. This family has a history of complaints against religious-affiliated words and images in schools, having previously complained about Boy Scout rallies held during school, fliers sent home about Good News Bible Club meetings and the inclusion of "Silent Night" and a Hanukkah song in holiday concerts, according to report.
Since we are in the Suing spirit, what about a law suit against political opinions. For example, suing to keep politicians from speaking at graduations where students attend to celebrate a completion of degrees not to listen to political opinion. How about the liberal bias in our schools. I’m not just talking about at the college level; I’m talking about at the elementary and secondary education as well. I remember listening to Maxine Waters’s speech at my GED graduation. Her speech was nice except for the part when she criticized John Ashcroft. I voted for Ashcroft and no one heard my rebuttal. I feel if it is okay for someone to sue base on religious objection, it’s okay to sue for political objection.