Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lets do it right! Our environment depends on it!

Thinking about going green because you care about the environment? You better wait because you could make things worst as well a hurting the economy depending if you support the wrong public policy. In 2007, the British High Court would that Al Gore's Film had 9 significant errors. The Court ruled that the film can not be shown to children unless accomplished with notes that balance Gores bias. Liberals continue to raise concern about global worming in spite of the ruling. Recently, the United States House of Representatives passed a Cap and Trade legislation. An EPA Attorney explains what the legislation could me a mistake.

I have concerns about the legislation. I live in an area where the legislation could have a devastating effect. A lot of my neighbor live in section 8 housing and/or depend on social security. The legislation passed could increase utility rates. Lets not get me wrong, I care about the environment and I recommend steps to reduce the pollution: recycling, walking, riding a bike, using renewable energy. My concern if the liberal so-called environmentalist get their way, the environment and the economy would be damaged.
If you want to advocate a good environmental policy, first you practice energy efficiency. Next, show businesses and consumers how they can save money and be more efficient going green. A good environmental policy does not compete with business, but enhances business.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

why ban smoking

Before the St. Louis County voters will be vote on a smoking ban this Tuesday, the can check out similar smoking ban in the Dutch. In Dutch, marijuana is exempt from the smoking ban.
In the Jaco Report, it was reported that there are exceptions to the proposed smoking ban. Bars and casino are among the exceptions. So the question is, what effect would this smoking ban have? If this ban pass, you still would be able to smoking in bars and other places you expect to be allow to smoke. You wouldn't be allowed to smoke at McDonald's, but you can't smoke there any way. I know, why don't we rename this Proposition Do what You are All Ready Doing Anyway Act. What a waste of time.

Can we learn from the Dutch

Can America Learn from the Dutch?
While the Dutch is feeling the recession pain, their unemployment rate is only 3.5%. By contrast, European unemployment rate is 20% with United States almost at at 10%. The Expatica credit the Dutch success to low bureaucracy.
In France, employees are protected against dismissal with strict legislation. These cause France to have high unemployment rate. The Netherlands don't have such legislation. Instead, the Dutch reap the reward from flexibility. A lot of Netherlands citizens work part-time and the government does not interfere in the workforce. America can learn form this. Small government does not mean no government.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

maybe we should take 3 days to read a 1,000 page bill

Democrat Representative Baird and Minnick joined a Republican bi-partisan effort to allow for 72 hours to read the bill before voting on it. According to the Hill, if 218 signed a petition for a 72 hour grace period, it would there would be a 72hr mandate whether Polosi likes it or not. So contact you representative and an ask them to support the petition. But the real news is how it is reported in the media. The Hill's head line is "Baird, Minnick want colleagues to sign discharge petition". The Huffington Post' headline is "Pat Roberts Pleads for Three days so lobbyist can read the health care legislation." The Huffington Post uses Robertson's words to make it seem like he is trying to do a favor for insurance lobbyist. Fox News report it as, "Congressmen Push Bipartisan Bill Mandating Posting of Legislation Online Before Votes". Fox explains that the petition would require bills be posted online in searchable format 72 hrs before voting on it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st Post since my tripe from Europe

Hi all,
this is my first post since my tripe from Europe. I'm going to start of with health care since this is the big issue. I want to turn you attention to HR 3200. This is the recent health care legislation that was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Title II Subtitle B is where it briefly talks about a public health plan, but it doesn't got in to a lot of detail. As of now, my only objection to a public health plan is the subsidize to the public plan. If the public plan would receive no subsidize, no government financial help and compete like a private plan, then I would have not objection. But I plan that can reduce their price because of government subsidize would not be fair private insurance and would lead to government monopoly.
Next I want to turn you attention to Title IV A) part III Sec.401. This is a Tax on individuals with out health insurance. If you don't pay your taxes, you could be arrested. So if an individual can be arrested for being without health insurance. This are my concerns with this health insurance plans. I'm prochoice. I believe its women's right to have an abortion. Thus, for me to support a individual mandate to get health insurance would me a conflict to me. There for I'm oppose to this plan.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too naive to critical think.

it looks like Obama's Hopeful dream to Change America's health-care system is starting to look like a wishful dream from a naive child. After Close critical examination, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concluded that the plan that is currently being pushed proposed by the congressional Democrats would cost more money for
this Country
. This information could be the death nail the Obama's dream. Mike Ross, Democratic Representative from Arkansas oppose the bill. He came on the record in saying that members of the Blue Dog Democratic coalition would oppose the current bill. I have been of the view that we can't improve the health-care system until he job market improve. The expansion of government programs would require an expanded tax base. With more people employed, more people can afford there own health-care insurance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Iran headace

On my September 22 post of 2007, I predicted that Iran President Ahmadinejad would be voted out of office. Now the election has turned in to front page news not because Ahmadinejad lost, but because of possible election fraud.
I didn't pay attention to the election until recently when I heard on the radio that the government blocked facebook because Ahmadinejad's opponents was using it to communicate with each other. So now in post-election Iran, there's protest in the streets of the country because people did not get a fair chance to participate in the election. I urge you to read Scott Peterson's article from the Christian Science Monitor on how the election was rigged. He reports that an election official are being investigated for irregularities.
What we can learn from this that we need to pay attention to international news more. Depending on on who's the next president is, it could change the relations between the United States and Iran. Have links to international news on the right and I urge you to read them.
On the Domestic front, I am circulating a city wide ballot initiative city wide ballot initiative to decriminalize marijuana. Go to to find out more about this petition. I'm an advocate for legalization of marijuana because it a waste of law enforcement resources to follow th status quo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter will be missed

Yesterday Arlen Specter switch Party, form Republican to Democrat. Specter, a five term Senator, will be seeking his sixth term next year. Specter was a Moderate Republican who stud for a strong defense and women's rights to abortion was threaten a difficult Republican Primary by Pat Toomey. Toomey and many conservative Republican in the state of Pennsylvania felt Specter was not conservative enough.
As a Moderate Republican who is actively working to see more Republican victories, I say Toomey and his conservative Allies should of sat down, shut up, and let Specter have his 6th term. Our backs are against the wall and we need all the Republicans we can get. In Some districts and states are so blue that any Republican would be better then no Republican. So I blame the conservatives for Specter's change. Moreover, Republicans need a serious revision because the Demographics, mainstream issues, and technology are changing. As an urban Republican, I'm looking for my Party to find solutions for the following issues:
--Education, in Missouri Republicans fail to pass a school choice legislation because many outstate Republicans opposed school choice. Most rural public schools don't face the same problems as urban schools. Thus, they don't understand the need for school choice.

--Prison Reform: Republicans talk about crime, we talk in terms of Zero Tolerance laws. We need to start talking about correction reform and improving the Public Defender system as well.

--Public Transportation: Historically, the Party is an an rural party, but we can depend on the rural vote alone and expect to win victories. Rural voters don't have to deal with traffic jams, smog, sidewalk, etc. Currently, the Democrats are actively involved in finding solutions and the Republicans are not. That needs to change.
If we are not willing to adapt to change, we would cease to exist.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nation wide protest againts Democratic policies

Do day there were nation wide protest against Democratic Policies. Are are a couple videos I took.

Here are some pictures I took.

Me taking a picture of someone.

This was put on by Bill Hennessy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Republicans' bright future.

So what does the future of the Republican look like?

Roy Blunt, U.S congressman and Father of Matt Blunt, recently announced that he would run for U.S. Senate in 2010. Robin Carnahan, our Secretary of State and Daughter of former Governor Mel Carnahan, announced that She is running as well. This race should be close. This race should be close and it's important that Blunt win this. Even if Blunt doesn't win, Republicans have changes in other states.
Illinois Democrats have a problem they need to solve before next years election, Roland Burris. If they don't solve this problem, a Republican would be a shoe-in for that seat. Despite calls for him to resign, Burris would not resign. Well, what do you expect from a guy who said yes to Blagojevich. Watch this video.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger can't run for President, but he can run for Senate. Barbara Boxer would be up for election that year. Schwarzenegger has been elected twice. Since day one, he worked across party line and sometimes balking his own party to balance the state budget.
He refused to show up at the Republican convention last year until the state budget problem was solved. We could use him in the Senate.
I look forward for the Republicans to increase there numbers in the Senate. Had there been more Republicans in the Senate, the make up of the so-call stimulus package would be a lot different. According to Michael Grabell and Jennifer LaFleur's ProPublica articale, all the money will not go where it need to go.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Democratic push Back

It looks like Democrats are objecting to Obama's spending proposal as well as Republicans. The Democrats are objecting to the tax cuts part. They want more spending on the part of the government. In my last post, I talk about adding military spending to the infrastructure spending that Obama is proposal. Knowing Obama wants his proposal to pass with by-partisan support, here are my proposals.
  1. Increase military spending. Spend on recruitment to insure you adults could stay employed. Don't close any bases because some rural economy depend on these bases.
  2. Increase spending on public transpotation, public highways, and Amtrak to assure that people could access employment. Spending on transpotation will increase jobs through public works.
  3. Across the board tax cuts. Even the rich should get a tax cut to encourage them to spend more. Give tax cradits to employers that hire unemployed.
  4. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent and anounce it to give wallstreet a sense of sablility
  5. extend unemployment. Spending cuts for unemployment will occur when more people are hired.
These four proposals should get by-partisan support. Republicans will get their tax cuts and Democrats will get some of their spending. It does not have to pass with John Kerry's vote, thereare 41 other Republicans to court.