Thursday, August 9, 2007

Obama is going to take us to World War III

"Let me make this clear," Obama said. "There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al-Qaida leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf will not act, we will." Obama's stupid speech Ooooo, tough talk, but very unpresidential. In fact, it sounds like something that you’ll read from a campus news paper than a presidential candidate. Does Obama-Clown know that Afghanistan is a landlocked country and we have to flay of over Pakistan to get to Afghanistan? I bet he doesn’t even know where the county is.
Look at the map and learn about the region. You Afghanistan and Pakistan to the south. We can get to Pakistan by sea, but we have to fly over Pakistan to Afghanistan. Pakistani President Musharraf is allowing us fly over his country over the objections of his own people.
Now lets see what would happen if we attack Pakistan. First, Pakistan would fight back. So now we have to fly our troop over Pakistani’s rockets to get to Afghanistan. Since Pakistan is shooting at us, we shoot at Pakistan. Second, seeing this, India will side with us. India has been at odds at Pakistan over the region of Kashmir, so if India wins a war against Pakistan, India takes Pakistan. Third, Iran will side with Pakistan. Fourth, Israel bomb Iran. Israel, Pakistan, India, and the United States have nukes. Whether Iran have them or not, this would be the start of Nuclear War/World War III. Fortunately, there are other candidates in the Democrat Primary Democrats can choose from. No Republican in the Republican Primary is this stupid.


  1. this is ridiculous. I cannot believe anyone would actually appreciate your blog. Your random assertions humor us all. Pathetic.

  2. If anyone is going to start world war 3, it will be MCCain. He has a temper of a bear and isnt afraid to attack any country.

  3. You are right about what are you saying don't listen to people they are ships who belive in voting president is a pupet and he dosent even run the country. Breziznski is a man behind Barack Obama,he wroted speeches for Obama,Obama is a pupet who is put on power by Bilderberg party(secret global rulling government)He is a pupet of Neocons and is supported by Oligarchs by the worst imperial circle of the bankers George Soros,David Rockafeler(The man with the oil).Obama is not any kind of savior do the research on him outside of the box and wake up.
    Obama is a pupet of Triletar Commision.Brezinski who was a director of the CIA said that China and Russia are the world powers and we should focus on them not Isreal and Middle East.He said to Obama that he will show him how to turn Iran against the Russia is secret plan Brezinski turn Afghanistan against Soviet he will try to do the same thing with Syria and Iran to turn them against Rusia.USA is planing possibly to invade Sudan to kick all Chinese out of their middle east oil resource so China will turn to Russia for the oil suplies.They will try to turn Russia against China.Plus CIA is planing to reduce the world population for 80% which is a huge number.Plan was written by Henry Kissinger in 80s who was a cancellor during the Vietnam War.If strategic plan do not work then USA will probably directly go in the war with China and Russia.Chinese and russians do have a nuclear missles and they will use them to protect themselves. Why they are doing all this is because Moscow and Bejing are another world powers and only ones who can resist USA and british world domination They can resist western powers.Obama will probably lead us to the World War 3 Economy will totally collapse and it will be riots on the streets against the government dollar value will totaly collapse.According to some predictions USA will fall into small states and this election is ocrhestreted is planned who will win and who will lose Mcain was a set up to loose as Hilary presidents do not run the country they are pupets.America will be a last Imperial power.9/11 was a inner job created by CIA.All these will break on the back of the black guy, USA will fall under the black guy. People will hate Obama much more than they hated Bush.People behind Barrack Obama are using Obama as a pupet plus he is very young and naive and they will use him as a scape goat a giant scape goat just because he is black.It's a set up a chees board.I won't argue anymore because people are ignorant anyway

  4. It's funny. I didn't believe all the WWIII bull until i heard about Obama's planned 1 million man "Citizens Army." He wants an inland military, run by himself, that is funded just as well as the existing army. If he gets this army of his, he will have the largest group of trained soldiers in the world at his disposal. This sounds unlikely that people would want to fund this army, but i find it a little odd that several trillion dollars went missing without a trace from the government around the same time he proposed this plan. If u don't believe me, look this information up for yourself.

  5. This is so unfound. Take a politics class, please, and do us all a favor. I'm glad to see you learned something in school. Get an education before you spread your ignorant remarks for people to read.