Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter will be missed

Yesterday Arlen Specter switch Party, form Republican to Democrat. Specter, a five term Senator, will be seeking his sixth term next year. Specter was a Moderate Republican who stud for a strong defense and women's rights to abortion was threaten a difficult Republican Primary by Pat Toomey. Toomey and many conservative Republican in the state of Pennsylvania felt Specter was not conservative enough.
As a Moderate Republican who is actively working to see more Republican victories, I say Toomey and his conservative Allies should of sat down, shut up, and let Specter have his 6th term. Our backs are against the wall and we need all the Republicans we can get. In Some districts and states are so blue that any Republican would be better then no Republican. So I blame the conservatives for Specter's change. Moreover, Republicans need a serious revision because the Demographics, mainstream issues, and technology are changing. As an urban Republican, I'm looking for my Party to find solutions for the following issues:
--Education, in Missouri Republicans fail to pass a school choice legislation because many outstate Republicans opposed school choice. Most rural public schools don't face the same problems as urban schools. Thus, they don't understand the need for school choice.

--Prison Reform: Republicans talk about crime, we talk in terms of Zero Tolerance laws. We need to start talking about correction reform and improving the Public Defender system as well.

--Public Transportation: Historically, the Party is an an rural party, but we can depend on the rural vote alone and expect to win victories. Rural voters don't have to deal with traffic jams, smog, sidewalk, etc. Currently, the Democrats are actively involved in finding solutions and the Republicans are not. That needs to change.
If we are not willing to adapt to change, we would cease to exist.