Monday, October 15, 2007

Gibbons Announces Candidacy for Attorney General

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Gibbons Announces Candidacy for Attorney General
Pledges to Protect Missouri families on Two Day, Nine City Kickoff Tour

ST. LOUIS -Senate President Pro Tern Michael R. Gibbons, R-Kirkwood, announced today he will run to be the next Attorney General for the people of Missouri in 2008. Gibbons, joined by his family, friends, and supporters made the first announcement from life-long hometown of Kirkwood followed by stops in Columbia, Kansas City and Springfield.
"All the people of Missouri deserve to be safe in their homes and neighborhoods, their children protected" he said from his front porch. "Protecting the people of Missouri, protecting our families and children, protecting our homes and neighborhoods, protecting our towns and farms, protecting our lives -that is my number one priority, and is the reason I am running for Attorney General."
Gibbons outlined five visions he had for better protecting Missouri families and bring real change to the office of Attorney General. Gibbons said as Attorney General he would:
• Protect Missouri families by working with law enforcement and local prosecutors to capture and convict criminals and put them behind bars.
• Make sure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on big government so they can be used to fund law enforcement.
• Enforce illegal immigration laws.
• Fight for consumer rights.
• Eliminate conflicts of interest and allow no corruption in his office.

"As Attorney General, there will not be a "For Sale" sign in my office," Gibbons said. "We will implement a better system, in those limited times when we need to hire outside attorneys, that is open and transparent and I will refuse to accept campaign contributions from anyone the office is investigating or prosecuting."
Paid for Missourians for Gibbons, Janet Poppen, Treasurer

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