Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm running for Congress

I'm running for congress.
That is right me, Damien Johnson, is running for House of Representative of the first congressional district. As your congressional leader, I want to advocate for a comprehensive energy plan. I'm a big advocate for the environment. On a personal level, I conserve energy and I urge other to do the same. For example, I ride my bike as my main way of transportation and recycle. I think we all can recycle, but I can't expect a head of house hold to a family of 4 on the handle bars. So I'm an advocate of more drilling to increase the supply of oil and I urge you to sign the Drill here, Drill Now petition. Alone with my support of more drilling, I believe the government should encourage the use of alternative energy. I support the renew of the green tax credits. Since the passage in 2005, these tax credits wind and solar power industries have seen a growth. Without the tax credits, America could fall behind in renewable energy.
The auto industries believe that they can produce viable plug in hybrids by the year 2010. To help them along the way, tax credits should be offered to them.
We need both tax credits and increase supply of oil and we need green tax credits so Americans won't have to soli depend on oil. Green tax credits is the governments way of encouraging environmental friendly energy.
So this November when you vote for McCain, write me in.
Type Damien Johnson if you are using the computer voting machines

Monday, August 18, 2008

Polish support for Missile Defense

In light of the recent Russian aggression, support for a Missile Defense system has grown. In to a recent poll, 58% of poles support it. In 2007, only 30% support it. Russia don't want Russia to have a missile defense system. Georgia didn't want Russia to invade them, but that didn't stop Russia. The bottom line, every nation has a right to do what it takes to defend theirself and if another nation don't like it, too bad.
In other News, Pakistani President Musharref decided to resign today. He hoped Pakistan would forgive his mistakes. In a column written my Con Coughlin of the London Telegraph, Coughlin explains that as long as Musharref remained in power, the West had an ally it can rely on in the war against Terrorism. Now since Musharref is stepping down, this could change

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's the Dems turn to approve offshore drilling

Pelosi announced that Democrats will offer a bill that would include offshore drilling when the House returns to session next month. Pelosi said the bill will also address climate control. So next month, lets see what the Democrats propose. Thank you Republicans who stayed in Washington because it looks like your protest paid off. Thank you Newt Gingrich for supporting them.
In othe News, Pakistan President Musharraf is facing impeachment charges. Musharraf has been a strong Unites States Ally againt the war on terrorism. We need to pay attention what happens here because this could effect our efforts in Afgahanistan.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why do we need a missile defense system

During the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia, Russia fired a short range ballistic missile at Georgia. This act demonstrated the need for a missile defense system. Opponent of missile defense system would argue that America should use negotiations instead. Let me think about this:
  • I think there was a cease-fire called. 
  • If a cease-fire was called, the why was Russia's tanks still rolling in to Russia?
  • Ooh, ooh, I know, negotiations didn't work.
  • So if negotiations don't work, do we use force or do we be victims and ask the world to have sympathy on us?
I prefer the former. As a nation, America has a right to defend herself. America is not the only nation that is going to have missile defense system. 
Seeing the Russian aggression brought back dark memories form the past. So Poland sign a missile defense system deal with the U.S. to develop a missile defense system in Poland. As a support of missile defense system, I urge to support John McCain because he supports missile defense system. For more information, visit the Missile Defense system Alliances website on the right side of my blog. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

get mad at 10 or be practical? That is the question

Recently I blogged about House Republicans protesting the adjournment before getting a chance to vote on Republican bills to increase the supply of oil. On the Senate side, it appears to be a bipartisan compromise on this issue. In his August 1st press release, Senator Chambliss announced that joined with 4 other Republicans, Ben Nelsen and 4 other Democrats to form and Gang of 10 to come up with a compromised proposal. The bill will:
  • increase production for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The the consent of the States, increase production in Virgina, the Carolinas, and Georgia.
  • decrease tax breaks for companies investing in renewable energy.
  • and increase nuclear energy.
However; some Republicans don't like this proposal. In Bobby Eberie's "Just Say No to the 'Gang of 10'",
he argues that the bill will increase government control, taxes, and put more barriers against drilling. This lead to Chambliss releasing his response to The Hill. Chambliss argues that the Republicans who oppose the compromise must not have read the proposal.
Currently there is nothing in writing on this proposal. I know because I just called Chambliss office. Since there is nothing in writing, I would like to know what are the opponents complaining about? Wouldn't it be good idea to wait to read the whole proposal until one makes a decision to support or oppose something. Currently the summaries look good to me. I like the idea that energy production would increase as well as more tax credits would be available, but I'll wait until the full proposal to come out before I support or oppose it. Finally keep this in mind, compromise is part of the game.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Eric Said

By Damien Johnson

Question: Between Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof, who do you prefer?

Answer: It looks like Kenny Hulshof will be the winner tonight and he
will do an outstanding job. As Republicans, we need to be out there
talking with folks about what our vision is for the future and how we
intend to bring people together.

Question: There is nothing much the state government can do in terms of
gas prices, but what can the state do in terms of the economy?

Answer: The two are connected. I think because of our geographic location we can be a big part of the solution nationally and for the people of our state. I think we need to find ways to put money in the pockets of Missouri farmers and businesses and hardworking families instead of Middle East dictators. We need to look at every option out there, nuclear, wind and biodiesel technologies and grow our economy out of those "Missouri" resources.

Question: What would you as a state senator propose to improve the state healthcare system?

Answer: For me this is big issue. One of the things we talk about on the campaign is meaningful health care reform. In the senate I want to be part of the dialogue. We have too many folks with out insurance in
Missouri. We need to find free market solutions that get the people the health insurance they need. There is a better way and we need to be creative and bold enough to make changes. We owe it to those without insurance and to those whose premiums are too high to take action. We need to make health care more affordable, available, and portable. Doing this also allows people who have insurance to carry it from one job to another. People will have the comfort of knowing that they will be able to take their insurance with them to their next job.

Question: What do you think about expanding the Medicaid system?

Answer: We need to focus on how to move forward. The fact of the matter is that there are people currently without health insurance. The question is what is the best way to make healthcare more available and more affordable. We need to be focused on wellness with prevention.
Let's talk about where we are going.

Question: Do you know that the Democrats are talking about restoring the Blunt cuts?

Answer: Yes, that is one of the proposals. We can all agree that there are too many people without health insurance. We need to talk about how we are going to work towards the goal of everyone in this state having
affordable health insurance so people can live healthier lives.

In other news, New Gingrich was on Capitol Hill to support the Republican protest against the congressional adjournment without debating expanding oil drilling. With $4 gas prices, the Republicans are proposing bills that would allow for more drilling. Instead of an up and down vote, the Democratic leadership decided to dodge the issue out of fear that congress, in spite of the Democrat majority.