Friday, September 19, 2008

Russian/ Venezuala ties

Okay, lets get this straight.
America tries to put a missile defense system in Poland and Russia is worried.
But Russia straighten military ties with Venezuela and there is no problem?
Russia is starting to have joint military exercises with Venezuela as well as solicit military equipment.
Someone needs to let Russia know who won the Cold War. We need a President who supports missile defense system and would not let Russia bully us or any other nations. We need McCain!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What happens if we strike Pakistan, like Obama wishes

We folks,
we now know what Pakistan's military would do if American military would try to invade Pakistan in search of Bin Ladin, Pakistan would strike back. Pakistan announce that it would fire upon American forces if they take any offensive in action in Pakistan. Currently there are negotiation going on between American and Pakistan's leaders to resolve this issue. I hope in light of this news, Obama can rethink his idea of bombing Pakistan.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The troops are coming home! The troops are victorious!

I have good news, General Petraeus are calling for up to 8,000 in troop withdrawal. After Petraeus recommended troops to be withdrawn from Iraq's western region of Anbar Province, Iraq's security forces took control of Anbar Province. Petraeus feels confident in recommeding that troop withdrawals because the surge is working. Including Anbar Province, Iraqi Security Forces have control of 14 of 18 of their provinces.
Major General John Kelly
and Anbar Province Governor Sami Rashid
sign papers for Iraq's control during handover ceremony.

Iraq's security forces parade down the street.

In other News, more people watched the Republican convention than the Democrat convention.