Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lets do it right! Our environment depends on it!

Thinking about going green because you care about the environment? You better wait because you could make things worst as well a hurting the economy depending if you support the wrong public policy. In 2007, the British High Court would that Al Gore's Film had 9 significant errors. The Court ruled that the film can not be shown to children unless accomplished with notes that balance Gores bias. Liberals continue to raise concern about global worming in spite of the ruling. Recently, the United States House of Representatives passed a Cap and Trade legislation. An EPA Attorney explains what the legislation could me a mistake.

I have concerns about the legislation. I live in an area where the legislation could have a devastating effect. A lot of my neighbor live in section 8 housing and/or depend on social security. The legislation passed could increase utility rates. Lets not get me wrong, I care about the environment and I recommend steps to reduce the pollution: recycling, walking, riding a bike, using renewable energy. My concern if the liberal so-called environmentalist get their way, the environment and the economy would be damaged.
If you want to advocate a good environmental policy, first you practice energy efficiency. Next, show businesses and consumers how they can save money and be more efficient going green. A good environmental policy does not compete with business, but enhances business.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

why ban smoking

Before the St. Louis County voters will be vote on a smoking ban this Tuesday, the can check out similar smoking ban in the Dutch. In Dutch, marijuana is exempt from the smoking ban.
In the Jaco Report, it was reported that there are exceptions to the proposed smoking ban. Bars and casino are among the exceptions. So the question is, what effect would this smoking ban have? If this ban pass, you still would be able to smoking in bars and other places you expect to be allow to smoke. You wouldn't be allowed to smoke at McDonald's, but you can't smoke there any way. I know, why don't we rename this Proposition Do what You are All Ready Doing Anyway Act. What a waste of time.

Can we learn from the Dutch

Can America Learn from the Dutch?
While the Dutch is feeling the recession pain, their unemployment rate is only 3.5%. By contrast, European unemployment rate is 20% with United States almost at at 10%. The Expatica credit the Dutch success to low bureaucracy.
In France, employees are protected against dismissal with strict legislation. These cause France to have high unemployment rate. The Netherlands don't have such legislation. Instead, the Dutch reap the reward from flexibility. A lot of Netherlands citizens work part-time and the government does not interfere in the workforce. America can learn form this. Small government does not mean no government.