Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Iran headace

On my September 22 post of 2007, I predicted that Iran President Ahmadinejad would be voted out of office. Now the election has turned in to front page news not because Ahmadinejad lost, but because of possible election fraud.
I didn't pay attention to the election until recently when I heard on the radio that the government blocked facebook because Ahmadinejad's opponents was using it to communicate with each other. So now in post-election Iran, there's protest in the streets of the country because people did not get a fair chance to participate in the election. I urge you to read Scott Peterson's article from the Christian Science Monitor on how the election was rigged. He reports that an election official are being investigated for irregularities.
What we can learn from this that we need to pay attention to international news more. Depending on on who's the next president is, it could change the relations between the United States and Iran. Have links to international news on the right and I urge you to read them.
On the Domestic front, I am circulating a city wide ballot initiative city wide ballot initiative to decriminalize marijuana. Go to Greenliberty.us to find out more about this petition. I'm an advocate for legalization of marijuana because it a waste of law enforcement resources to follow th status quo.