Monday, July 21, 2008

Why conservative read conservative

When Obama sent an op-ed piece to the New York times, the Times published it. But when McCain sent an op-ed piece to the times, the times refused to published it. Obama's piece argued that he would bring the troops home within 16 months, while McCain argued that the troops would come home as Iraqi troop's strength improve. The times claim that they would published an op-ed from McCain when he lays out a plan. McCain does have a plan, it just that the liberals at the Times don't agree with the plan. Since the times feel that McCain's op-ed would impede their cause, they decided not to publish the op-ed. 
This is why conservatives read conservatives. Conservatives, like another people, want to feel that their voices are being heard. When liberals in the media behave like this, conservatives feel their voices are not being heard. This is why conservatives turn to conservative news sources like Fox News. If the time thought that readers wouldn't have a chance to read McCain's op-ed, they were wrong. Not only readers read it, but op-ed got more attention not being published in the times than if the Times published it. 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Troop withdraw

In light Obama's trip to the Middle East, the debate over troop withdraw has resurfaced. It started when  a German Magazine quoted Iraqi's Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki saying that he endorsed Obama's plan to withdraw troops within 16 month. Later a spokesman for the Prime Minister said that the German paper Misquoted the Prime Minister. What Malikia said he agreed, with slight changes, with the frame; however, the determination to withdraw is based on security improvements on the ground. John McCain has been saying all along that withdraw should be based on security improvements all along. While McCain want to see troop withdraw too, he believes that if we withdraw too quickly, it could impede on security improvements. So we have both candidates want troop withdraw, but one candidate wants a public time table. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

War Powers Act

Recently a panel headed by James Baker came up with a proposal called the War Powers act. The Act would required congress to give consent to the president within 30 days the next time the President commits troops. There is one thing that the panel might forgot, there is already a War Powers act. It's called the War Powers Act of 1973. It requires congress to give consent within 60 days. 

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Journal's endorsement

Dear Readers, 
    I'm proud to announce my endorsement of John McCain for President of the United States. I urge you to vote for McCain because he would make sure our military is ready to secure the nation against terrorism and other threats against the nation. The first responsibility of the government is national security. 
   A McCain administration would be a fiscal responsible administration. Not only McCain is one of the few senators that does not take earmarks, but he least the wasteful spending on his senate website. Please pork invaders game I posted on my blog. 
John McCain has a long history of reaching across party lines to find solutions. For example, he reached across party lines for find a solution to Bush's 2005 judicial nominees. 
For these reasons above, I hope you vote for McCain. 
   In other news, supports of the Civil Rights initiative in Nebraska and Arizona collected and turned in enough signatures to put the ballot initiative on the ballot. The Civil Rights Initiative would ban discrimination or preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, and national orgin. If signatures are certified, I urge the voters to vote for the initiative because people should be hired base not their merits, not race or gender.