Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Eric Said

By Damien Johnson

Question: Between Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof, who do you prefer?

Answer: It looks like Kenny Hulshof will be the winner tonight and he
will do an outstanding job. As Republicans, we need to be out there
talking with folks about what our vision is for the future and how we
intend to bring people together.

Question: There is nothing much the state government can do in terms of
gas prices, but what can the state do in terms of the economy?

Answer: The two are connected. I think because of our geographic location we can be a big part of the solution nationally and for the people of our state. I think we need to find ways to put money in the pockets of Missouri farmers and businesses and hardworking families instead of Middle East dictators. We need to look at every option out there, nuclear, wind and biodiesel technologies and grow our economy out of those "Missouri" resources.

Question: What would you as a state senator propose to improve the state healthcare system?

Answer: For me this is big issue. One of the things we talk about on the campaign is meaningful health care reform. In the senate I want to be part of the dialogue. We have too many folks with out insurance in
Missouri. We need to find free market solutions that get the people the health insurance they need. There is a better way and we need to be creative and bold enough to make changes. We owe it to those without insurance and to those whose premiums are too high to take action. We need to make health care more affordable, available, and portable. Doing this also allows people who have insurance to carry it from one job to another. People will have the comfort of knowing that they will be able to take their insurance with them to their next job.

Question: What do you think about expanding the Medicaid system?

Answer: We need to focus on how to move forward. The fact of the matter is that there are people currently without health insurance. The question is what is the best way to make healthcare more available and more affordable. We need to be focused on wellness with prevention.
Let's talk about where we are going.

Question: Do you know that the Democrats are talking about restoring the Blunt cuts?

Answer: Yes, that is one of the proposals. We can all agree that there are too many people without health insurance. We need to talk about how we are going to work towards the goal of everyone in this state having
affordable health insurance so people can live healthier lives.

In other news, New Gingrich was on Capitol Hill to support the Republican protest against the congressional adjournment without debating expanding oil drilling. With $4 gas prices, the Republicans are proposing bills that would allow for more drilling. Instead of an up and down vote, the Democratic leadership decided to dodge the issue out of fear that congress, in spite of the Democrat majority.

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