Monday, July 21, 2008

Why conservative read conservative

When Obama sent an op-ed piece to the New York times, the Times published it. But when McCain sent an op-ed piece to the times, the times refused to published it. Obama's piece argued that he would bring the troops home within 16 months, while McCain argued that the troops would come home as Iraqi troop's strength improve. The times claim that they would published an op-ed from McCain when he lays out a plan. McCain does have a plan, it just that the liberals at the Times don't agree with the plan. Since the times feel that McCain's op-ed would impede their cause, they decided not to publish the op-ed. 
This is why conservatives read conservatives. Conservatives, like another people, want to feel that their voices are being heard. When liberals in the media behave like this, conservatives feel their voices are not being heard. This is why conservatives turn to conservative news sources like Fox News. If the time thought that readers wouldn't have a chance to read McCain's op-ed, they were wrong. Not only readers read it, but op-ed got more attention not being published in the times than if the Times published it. 

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