Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why do we need a missile defense system

During the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia, Russia fired a short range ballistic missile at Georgia. This act demonstrated the need for a missile defense system. Opponent of missile defense system would argue that America should use negotiations instead. Let me think about this:
  • I think there was a cease-fire called. 
  • If a cease-fire was called, the why was Russia's tanks still rolling in to Russia?
  • Ooh, ooh, I know, negotiations didn't work.
  • So if negotiations don't work, do we use force or do we be victims and ask the world to have sympathy on us?
I prefer the former. As a nation, America has a right to defend herself. America is not the only nation that is going to have missile defense system. 
Seeing the Russian aggression brought back dark memories form the past. So Poland sign a missile defense system deal with the U.S. to develop a missile defense system in Poland. As a support of missile defense system, I urge to support John McCain because he supports missile defense system. For more information, visit the Missile Defense system Alliances website on the right side of my blog. 


  1. Well, if Georgia did'nt attac first... The factsare so...

  2. The true need in building Anti Missle Defence is that there is a Threat above... And you know what? THE US Asked Russia to agree with a proposition to build at there teretory a anti missle defence? And why do we need to do souch thing? For what? So Russia is not The enemy.. Then who?

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