Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stop the credit chects.

On March 29th of this year, Oregon Governor signed a law that prohibit employers from doing credit checks on job applicants. Now Oregon residence have an easier time getting a job. Supporters point out that well qualified applicants could have bad credit history.
Opponents argue that credit history can indicate whether or not the applicant is financial responsible, have good judgment, or risk abusing drugs or gambling. Lets dissect this argument.
1. It’s hard to be financial responsible if you’re out of work. Employing people makes them financially responsible. Moreover, to say that bad credit indicates bad decision really without knowing whether the circumstances what gave the applicant a bad credit score is wrong.
2. So you didn’t use your coupons when you went to the store, that makes you unqualified to work? I think we need to be careful before we make judgment against people.
I think Missouri and the whole nation should prohibit employers from doing credit checks. As state representative, not only I would introduce a bill to ban credit checks, but I would include in the bill the option to opt out of paying taxes until all old dept is paid back to collectors. This would not only make it easier to pay the money back, but it should increase the employees credit.

I also writer for the St. Louis Examiner.

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