Thursday, July 1, 2010

I want to legalize marijuana

I want to legalize marijuana because the status quo is too costly for tax payers and unjust to civilians.
In the state of Missouri, cuts are being made to programs support people, like education. I understand that Missouri can't spend money we don't have, but maybe cuts could be made in other places instead, like the criminal justice system.
Currently, there is a city wide ballet initiative to decriminalize marijuana in the St. Louis city. Under the proposal, if caught with 35 grams of less with marijuana, a user would not get arrested for it, but could be fined. The benefit of this is we are not wasting tax payers' dollars filling up jails over marijuana.
Another proposal is to legalize medical marijuana. This benefits patients who need to use it without the fear of going to prison. While is saves tax payers dollars, it does not save as much as if we legalize marijuana.
If marijuana would were to be legalize, Missouri as well as the rest of the nation would not only save money, but earn money form the taxes collected. Legalizing marijuana would reduce people from being criminalized for nonviolent and non-disruptive crimes. That is why the NAACP endorsed legalizing marijuana.

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