Wednesday, September 23, 2009

maybe we should take 3 days to read a 1,000 page bill

Democrat Representative Baird and Minnick joined a Republican bi-partisan effort to allow for 72 hours to read the bill before voting on it. According to the Hill, if 218 signed a petition for a 72 hour grace period, it would there would be a 72hr mandate whether Polosi likes it or not. So contact you representative and an ask them to support the petition. But the real news is how it is reported in the media. The Hill's head line is "Baird, Minnick want colleagues to sign discharge petition". The Huffington Post' headline is "Pat Roberts Pleads for Three days so lobbyist can read the health care legislation." The Huffington Post uses Robertson's words to make it seem like he is trying to do a favor for insurance lobbyist. Fox News report it as, "Congressmen Push Bipartisan Bill Mandating Posting of Legislation Online Before Votes". Fox explains that the petition would require bills be posted online in searchable format 72 hrs before voting on it.

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