Thursday, January 8, 2009

Democratic push Back

It looks like Democrats are objecting to Obama's spending proposal as well as Republicans. The Democrats are objecting to the tax cuts part. They want more spending on the part of the government. In my last post, I talk about adding military spending to the infrastructure spending that Obama is proposal. Knowing Obama wants his proposal to pass with by-partisan support, here are my proposals.
  1. Increase military spending. Spend on recruitment to insure you adults could stay employed. Don't close any bases because some rural economy depend on these bases.
  2. Increase spending on public transpotation, public highways, and Amtrak to assure that people could access employment. Spending on transpotation will increase jobs through public works.
  3. Across the board tax cuts. Even the rich should get a tax cut to encourage them to spend more. Give tax cradits to employers that hire unemployed.
  4. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent and anounce it to give wallstreet a sense of sablility
  5. extend unemployment. Spending cuts for unemployment will occur when more people are hired.
These four proposals should get by-partisan support. Republicans will get their tax cuts and Democrats will get some of their spending. It does not have to pass with John Kerry's vote, thereare 41 other Republicans to court.


  1. you will be surprised to learn that I think that any kind of spending or tax cuts that results in money in the pockets of the average worker and tax payer will help the economy. This is because both the Bush Administration and the Clinton Adminsistation and the Reagan Administration and the other Bush Adminsitration and the carter Administration have all failed to keep a balance income across the entire economy. So, noone shouyld be surprised to see that the average person can no longer pay his mortgage leading to collapse on the housing market leading to the collapse of the entire banking system and the world economy. The ONLY way to fix this mess is to start where Obama is right now and raise the income levels of the average worker and taxpayer. This will not only put the economy back on track, it will bring more revenue into the treasury as well.

  2. Please elaborate on what you mean by" Balance in come". Do you mean get rid of the class system? Do you mean redistribution? You started out by supporting any policies that resulted in money in the average worker or tax payer. I want to raise some issues.
    I believe in an across the board tax cut for be people who earn money. It's important to get be people who earn money, spend money, to create jobs for unemployed people.