Saturday, January 22, 2011

Obama, Democrats and their thin skin

During the 2008 presidential election we heard how Obama was going to unit us. Obama said he was going to listen to people who disagree with him as well as people who agree with him. Voters was so inspired that they elected him.
I, like other Republicans, was not sold. Out of the concerns I had about Obama, one concern I predict would come true has. I predicted that no one will be able to criticize Obama and the Democrats with out being called extreme, irrational and/or racist. Over the last two years everyone Tea Party participant was called everything from hater to racist. After the shooting in Arizona, Democrats blamed Palin, Glenn Beck and every out spoken conservative/ Tea Party participant for creating an environment filled with hate and racism.
I want to turn you attention to two videos to compare:

As you can see, both Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Steve Cohen used the term, "blood libel," but Cohen does not get as much attention for his use as Palin did for hers. What about Representative Weiner speech before the House floor last week

Why should Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party participants get blame for their rhetoric but not liberals and Democrats?
I say to my fellow Republicans, stand strong and don't be discouraged from expressing your self.

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