Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm running for the 64th district.

I'm running for State Representative of the 64th district. I am in favor of medical marijuana. I supported proposition A, a halve cents sales tax to restore, improve, and expand Metro services. I voted against the gay marriage ban in 2004. I'm pro-choice. I support school choice, low taxes, and oppose eminent domain abuse. I'm running in the Republican Primary in a Democratic district. I want my constituents to know that as State Representative, I'm willing to break ranks with the Republican Party if necessary for the betterment of the district.
I just want to say, I'm not part of the St. Louis Tea Party because they are not sensitive to the needs of my district. My message to the Republican Party is to think long and hard before embracing the Tea Party.
The Republican Party I know is the Party of Lincoln, a Party that supports school choice and stand for economic freedom. As State Representative, will work with legislators on both side of the isle to find bi-partisan solutions.
I hope I can have your support. Please email me at to find out what you can do to help my candidacy.
And support the Safe Chemical Act of 2010 because toxic chemicals can cause everything from asthma to cancer and children are the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, nearly 85% of all chemicals are not tested for health effect.

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