Thursday, March 25, 2010

My goals to the district

I'm running for state representative and here are my goals:
This is what what I was thinking about today:
1. Fund Public transportation. Currently there is a ballot initiative on April 6th election that gives the St. Louis County voters an opportunity to restore and improve metro services by voting for proposition A, a half cent sales tax. I endorse Proposition A. I share the St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce in supporting Prop. A so people who dependent on metro service and get to school and work.
2. Since the quality of education a child gets influence the opportunities the child have as an adult, the state legislators must ensure every child have a quality education. I believe in options of parents and students in seeking the best form of education tailored to their learning type. I support charter schools and vouchers.
3. Allow the use of medical marijuana. My state representative voted against this. As State Rep, I will support the use of medical marijuana so patients can use this as an alternative to expensive pain medicine.
5. Oppose eminent domain abuse. I believe:
*Allowing only government entities to use eminent domain
*Prohibiting the use of of eminent domain for private use with certain exceptions for utilities
*Require that the taking of property be necessary for public use
*Require that the intended public use be declared at the time of the taking
*Permitting the original owners to repurchase the property if it is not used within 5 years.
6. Reform the public defenders system. As State Rep, want to ensure every defendant receives competent attorney regardless of income. Some states have a community defender system instead. Under the community defender system, the state pay a private attorney to represent the poor.
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