Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sir Jackson analysis US mistakes in Iraq

Former Amery Chief General Sir Mike Jackson analysis the Mistakes United States made in the the conflict in Iraq. According to Jackson, United States created a security vacuum when we disbanded the Iraqi security forces. Jackson also blamed the police to de-Baath Iraq as another thing that contribute to the violence. The Baath party was the ruling party at the time of when during Operation Allied Freedom, the Military campaign that overthrow Hussein's regime.
Under Hussein's regime, no one could participate in government without being a member of the Baath party. The U.S banned Baath members form participating in the government after Operation Allied Freedom, but revolted the ban in 2008. Many critics blan the ban for preventing experience Iraqis from participating in the government.
We can't turn back the clocks of time, but we can learn form from past events. While the situation in Iraq is being solved, this is an up coming concern. The United States Nuclear Arsenal is aging. While gates insist that we need to upgrade the arsenal, congress has yet to approve upgrades. We cannot be left without nuclear arsenal. So contact you Congressional delegation and tell them to upgrade the nuclear arsenal.

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