Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time to move on.

Well Well,
The deadline has past and the Civil Rights Initiative was not submitted. I, like every petitioner worked hard on this, but we would not be voting on this initiative this year. It seems like the blockers are going to have their way this time. Blockers are supporters of preferential treatment who tried to keep people from signing the petition. Some sign the petition in spite of the blocking. While the concept of blocking is free speech, the some of the blockers tactics were not.
On Earth day, I started petitioning after I got off work. I collected 15 signatures before I approached a couple to asked them to sign my petition. Blockers form the Young Voter League past out there propaganda to them. The couple signed the petition in spite of the propaganda. So the blockers became more aggressive. The blockers started to yell over me when I asked another person to sign my petition. Then it was time for me to go to church. When I started on my way to church, the blockers followed me. I told them not to follow me. They would not listen. Since I was on my bike and they was on foot, I rode off.
I don’t have to ask why the blockers don't want it on the ballet; they know that they would loose. So now I have to mover on other activism.

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